That's write this is a twist to that quintessential NYC bacon, egg on a roll. Skip the roll, you will not miss it in this recipe. A great brunch dish too.  


I start by making organic applewood GF bacon. image


The dressing:

1 tbsp maile mustard 

1 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice 

pinch cayenne pepper and sea salt 

1 tbsp olive oil

whisk or shake together all ingredients and set aside.




Scramble 2 eggs. If you need directions for this just order out, lol. 

Now plate the arugula and drizzle with a bit of dressing.  Place warm scrambled eggs and bacon over arugula and drizzle the remaining dressing. I serve it slightly warm, the arugula will hold up nicely to the warmth of the bacon and eggs. image

Variations can include topping with goat cheese for a tangy addition or diced tomatoes to add freshness. I'm gluten free however, adding  homemade crunchy croutons works too.  In fact , I think I might make myself some GF croutons next time I make this dish.  Enjoy and let me know how you serve this up.  

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and FODMAPish. 

Published by Cathyann Hennessy