This past week I bought some mouse traps that were advertised as ‘pre-baited’.  I thought that would make my life easier so I bought them.  When I got them home and got ready to set them I read the instructions.  Instruction number two was ‘bait the trap’.  If it was pre-baited as advertised, it was baited with something invisible or something that really wasn’t there.

    Satan will sometimes set bait out for us to get us off God’s path and try to entice us to sin.  His bait is similar to the bait in my pre-baited mouse traps.  He is setting out a bait for me that really isn’t there.  How do I know that?  Everything he has that he could possibly use for bait is so far below anything God has, it really is nothing.  In fact his bait is the opposite of what God has already offered me.  God offers hope, all Satan can offer is despair.  God offers life, all Satan can offer is death.  God offers joy, all Satan can offer is depression.

    Never succumb to any bait Satan offers.  God’s gifts are so much better.  “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19. KJV)

Published by Ray Richards