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The bell had just rang , it was their last period of school before summer starts. Jason was in the swimming team and he had just finished his training session for that day. Even though there was no swimming competition he preferred to waste time at the pool.

“Nice training”, She told him as he pulled himself out of the pool. She had come tell him that class is about to start.

“You know that’s what makes me sane babe”, he reply placing a kiss on her cheek. Then they both walked into the changing room. She was to wait outside but he dragged her in.

“What you doing? You know am not supposed to be in here?”

“It our anniversary, remember and since there’s no one here, you can come watch me shower as you tell me what you got planned for us”.


He walked out of the showers butt naked coming at her. She quickly passed him the towel but he dint take it. He moved closer to her.

“Come on Jason, you know you are wet and we’ve got class to attend”.

“This is my anniversary gift, I know you will never forget”, he said as he leaned towards her lips. Kissing her passionately. She wanted to resist but she knew he wouldn’t let her. Jason made her feel some type of way.

He grabbed her ass and pushed her against the wall.

“What if someone walks in?” She whispers.

“Nobody will as long as you are silent”, he said pulling her crop top off. “Just kiss me and don’t be too loud.”

It must have been a perfect day for her not to wear a bra. Her tits were not so big, so no one ever notices if she wore one or not. Jason squeezed her boobs gently till she let out a soft mourn.

He then turned her over, she was now facing the wall. He pulled her mini-skirt to her waist then pushed her panties to the side. With one hand in on her boobs, the other was in her pants finding her clit. She let out a sexy mourn when he found it. She was extremely horny.

Kissing her on her neck, squeezing her boob and flickering her clit made her juices flow out of her to his hand. He then told her to back her ass up and bend over so that he can slid in her. Reminding her to be silent.

Jason held her by her waist and gently inserted his dick. He kissed her on her back then started thrusting in and out at a quick pace. He knew she would be tempted to scream, so he covered her mouth with his hand, banging her in silence until he was on climax. He then pulled it out quickly and let his load on her back.

“You are naughty. But that’s why I love you”, She said wiping her self off.

This is in response to Daily Prompt: silencepassionate and together

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Published by Doreen Eshinali