We woke up bright and early at around 7.30am to have breakfast at our hotel, following which we went out to explore the area around our hotel. As we stayed at a hotel in the Pratunam area, the lively Pratunam market was very close by, and we didn't have to walk very far to reach it. There were also many small streets leading to Pratunam market, all of which had stalls selling clothing & accessories.

The stalls in Pratunam market mainly do wholesale, and you will find many locals buying in bulk. Ever wondered why that dress you saw in Bangkok looks exactly like the one you saw on your favourite blogshop? Well it's probably because many blogshops get their stock from here! If you're buying more than one piece of clothing from the same shop, bargain hard, because you will likely be able to get a really good discount, since the stall owners will be more willing to sell the items at a wholesale price.

Be friendly as well, and a smile can take you a long way (or in this case, maybe another 20baht off that skirt you were eyeing)!

As mentioned in my earlier post, my gf is a certified Yoga teacher, and she's been itching to go for a class at Yoga Elements since we touched down two days ago. Luckily for me, the studio wasn't too far away, and was located behind Big C Supermarket, which was a short walk away. Thus, after 2h of shopping, we dropped off our loot in the hotel room and headed to the yoga studio for the Ashtanga primary series class which was scheduled to start at 11.30am.

A drop-in class costs 520baht(S$21.40) per person, and is inclusive of mat & towel rental. We had a great workout session there, coupled with great views of the Bangkok city skyline, as the studio was located on the 22nd floor of the building. Classes are conducted in English, so no worries about not being able to understand the instructor.

After yoga, we went back to the hotel to wash up before heading to Terminal 21 for lunch. A tuktuk from our hotel to Terminal 21 set us back by 120baht (S$4.90). Terminal 21 is a mall with a travel theme, and each floor is named after a city (eg. San Fransisco, London, etc), with corresponding decor even in the toilets! Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures in the toilets as it would have been rather awkward, but it was interesting, and I do recommend you check out the toilets on each floor.

Who needs to go to the United States to see the Golden Gate Bridge?

We shopped around Terminal 21 after lunch, and I managed to get some shorts for myself there. The shorts were slightly more expensive (350baht each) than those sold on the streets, but I felt that they were more value-for-money because they were trendier and more 'young-ish', if you get what I mean.

We took a tuktuk back to Platinum Mall with our heavy shopping bags, and headed to the food court for dinner. Our ride cost us 150baht after bargaining, but as it was rush hour at that time we didn't mind paying an additional 30baht. We were told by the tour agent that you shouldn't leave Bangkok without seeing a 'Tiger' show, so we booked tickets for a show that night, each paying 900baht (S$37) after bargaining. The price included the tickets and a return private taxi transfer.

Well, it's essentially an R-rated show, although the lighting within the club was so dim that you could probably only see the female performers' boobs. The caucasians there seemed to really like it though, occupying the front two rows, and being very raucous throughout. To each his own I suppose. I didn't really enjoy it because of the cigarette smoke (I hate it when there are clear "non-smoking" signs but people still light up, and the owners just ignore them), and spent most of my time trying to find fresh air within the club rather than watching lol. Anyway, I suppose it's an experience I won't soon forget.. How can I forget, when I saw stuff shooting out from female genitalia. Okay I didn't actually see the female genitalia cos of the lighting and angle, but it came from somewhere around there so it has to be ya?

We got our driver to drop us off just before our hotel on the way back, so we could visit Number One massage parlour. It's supposedly the best one in the area, and reasonably priced as well. It was rather awkward walking down the row of massage parlours, as there were many masseurs lounging around outside, and they kept calling out to us to go in. Number One is located right outside the entrance to CentrePoint hotel, and has a neon pink sign, rendering it unmistakeable.

My gf did a Thai massage (250baht, or S$10.30), while I did an aromatherapy oil massage (600baht, or S$24.70). There is an option for a normal oil massage, which costs 500baht, but baby oil is used for that one. I'll elaborate more on the Thai massage in my next post, as we returned for one more Thai massage before flying back to Singapore.

The aromatherapy oil massage was well done, and the masseuse managed to knead out my tight and sore spots. Up to that point in time, I had felt that she was very professional, but what she did at the end completely disappointed me. At the end of the massage, before I even had time to change back to my clothes, she asked for a tip. Like seriously?! My gf experienced it too with her Thai massage masseuse, who brought her to my door and waited for me because she didn't have small change for a tip. Anyway, I got changed in a bad mood and gave both masseuse a total of 100baht, as I didn't want to cause a commotion, although I was pretty reluctant to do so. What a sucky ending to a relaxing massage huh.

I guess if you're prepared that they'll be so upfront about tips then it's not too bad. The next few times we came, we kinda knew they expected tips regardless of how well they performed, so we didn't let it affect our mood.

We went back to the hotel after that as we needed an early rest for our day trip tomorrow. Pickup from hotel lobby was at 6.30am, meaning that we would need to be up earlier than that to get ready and have breakfast. 

Check back soon for more updates!


Summary of Day 3:

- Shopping at Pratunam Market & street stalls

- Yoga at Yoga Elements

- Lunch & Shopping Terminal 21

- "Tiger" show

- Massage at Number One Massage Parlour

Published by Lucas Lee