Our 5th day in Bangkok was a Saturday, and we had planned to head to Chatuchak/Jatujak Weekend Market, which occupies a sprawling piece of land on the outskirts of Bangkok. The market is open from 9am-6pm on Saturdays & Sundays, and is also open for a short while on Fridays, from 6pm-12mn.

It is better to arrive there around 10am, as that is when most, if not all the stalls will be open for business. We took the train (BTS) to Mo Chit station, and it was a short walk from the station to the market. It is pretty difficult to get lost as most of the people alighting at Mo Chit are headed to Chatuchak, so all you have to do is to simply follow the crowd! 

Alternatively, you can take the MRT to Kamphaeng Phet station, and exit via Exit 2, which lands you right smack in the middle of Chatuchak, and might I add, right in front of the famous coconut ice cream stall!

It was sweltering hot when we visited, but luckily there were no lack of cold drinks available for purchase. Chatuchak is divided into sections, with a section for plants, a section for clothing, a section for furniture, etc. It can be easy to get lost in the maze of shops, but you could always approach the police officers on patrol for a map of the market. 

Do be careful of pickpockets when you're there, and try to dress in comfortable and loose clothing as it can get very hot especially when squeezing with the crowd there. Avoid the market when it rains, and try to go earlier in the day, since it does get more crowded in the later part of the day.

Ok, back to the most important thing that we were there for; the coconut ice cream (35baht, or S$1.45)!

The coconut ice cream comes with 3 selected toppings, or if you just want it au naturel, you can have it your way too, just remember to inform the assistant.

The gf managed to buy some dresses and skirts, while I got cufflinks for a cheap 150baht (S$6.20). Other than Chatuchak, we also wandered to the nearby JJ Mall, where we cooled off with an ice cold matcha latte at Black Canyon Coffee. There was nothing much that appealed to us in JJ Mall though, and we didn't stay there for very long.

We took the MRT from Kamphaeng Phet to Chatuchak Park (1 stop), switched over to the BTS (Mo Chit), and took the train down to Siam BTS. We were slightly hungry then, hence we went to Audrey cafe at Siam Center for some cakes.

I personally preferred the stronger tasting milo crepe cake, with the crunchy Milo coated biscuits, but my gf preferred the lighter tasting thai tea crepe cake. In total, both cakes cost about 250baht (S$10.30), although I think that the price was before GST & service charge, but I'm not 100% sure.

We went to Platinum Mall for more shopping after the cakes, and went on foot in order to burn some calories and digest our meal. We stumbled upon this cool pop-up bazaar outside Central World along the way, and stopped by the stalls to take a look. There were both food stalls as well as stalls selling clothing, so it was a hive of activity when we were there. It seemed that the bazaar happens every Fri-Sun, although I'm not too sure if it's a weekly thing. *Update: I revisited Bangkok in March this year, and there was a bazaar there as well over the weekend!*

After exploring the bazaar, we continued on to Platinum Mall, where we did some more shopping before we went back to the hotel to shower and rest for a while.

While strolling along Platinum Mall after dinner, we stumbled upon this cool ice cream cart. We bought a tiramisu-flavoured ice cream to try, which turned out really good. The tiramisu flavour was really strong and tasted authentic, as if we were eating tiramisu itself!

Having walked a lot, we ended off our day at where else but.. You guessed it, Number One Massage Parlour. We opted for a foot massage this time (250baht, or S$10.30 per person), and spent the time talking to each other as our feet were being massaged. This time round the masseuse didn't explicitly ask for tips, and we gave them tips happily.

A pleasant surprise awaited us as we returned to our room to find this cute puppy on our bed~ *Cue the awwws and oohhs! Our talented housekeep did this using the sunglasses my gf left behind in the room when we left in the morning!


Day 6:

As we only had 15kg of check-in baggage, we spent the morning furiously packing and trying to ensure we maximised the check-in weight limit, as well as the weight we could hand-carry. We checked out at around 11.30am, and asked if there was a weighing scale we could borrow to weigh our bags. Luckily for us the hotel lobby had a weighing scale, which we proceeded to make full use of!

We left our luggage with the reception as our flight was at 9.20pm that night, and went out to the Pratunam area to walk and shop. When we felt hungry, we headed to Central World for lunch. We settled our lunch at Chabuton, which was surprisingly really cheap. A bowl of ramen cost about 120baht (S$4.90). We added on some chicken karaage as well for 99baht (S$4.10).

We couldn't leave Bangkok without going for another round at After You café, so we went for dessert there, sharing a Nutella toast, which wasn't as good as the honey shibuya toast that we had the previous time :/ 

We continued walking around Central World, but didn't see anything worth buying. The shops there are mainly international brands, so there was no point buying stuff at close to the same price as that in Singapore, and still have to carry the item back home.

We continued our dessert spree with a banoffee frappé & ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery, and then walked back to the Pratunam area. As we still had some time before we had to leave for the airport, we decided to do one last Thai massage at Number One.

Having our bones cracked and muscles kneaded was strangely therapeutic haha. Back at the hotel, the bellhop helped us to get a taxi to the airport, which cost us 350baht (S$14.40). The taxi ride took us about 30min to reach Suvarnabhumi Airport. Check-in was a breeze as we were early and there was no queue. We took a while to clear security & immigration, and I found it quite irritating how it required us to go up one floor to clear security, before going down one floor to clear immigration. That aside, the process was quite smooth, and the security check utilised a new body scanning technology that I've only seen at Amsterdam Schiphol prior to this trip.

It requires the person to stand on a platform and lift his/her hands up close to his/her head, standing still for 3s as the machine does a scan. If the machine clears you then you do not have to be subjected to a pat down by the security officer.

We had dinner at this pizza place after clearing both security and immigration. It was really expensive though; we shared a medium sized pizza, 4 chicken wings, and a drink for close to 500baht (S$20.60). Bottled water was also expensive, and we had to pay 40baht (S$1.65) for a 500ml bottle of water. We kind of regretted not having dinner before heading to the airport. 

Thankfully the flight back was smooth and we caught some much needed shut-eye onboard. We landed slightly ahead of schedule, and managed to disembark the plane by 12.30am, although our scheduled arrival was 12.50am.

After clearing immigration in no time at all (yay for being a citizen!), we stopped by DFS while waiting for our baggage. Baggage was delivered rather quickly, and we managed to leave the airport by 1am! T'was a great end to a great trip, and I'm looking forward to more trips to come!


Summary of Day 5:

- Shopping at Chatuchak/Jatujak Weekend Market

- Shopping at JJ Mall

- Desserts at Audrey Café (Siam Center)

- Shopping at Platinum Mall

- Bazaar outside Central World

- Foot Massage at Number One Massage Parlour


Summary of Day 6:

- Lunch & Desserts at After You (Central World)

- Big C Supermarket

- Shopping around Pratunam area

- Dinner at Suvarnabhumi Airport & Flight back

Published by Lucas Lee