Her feet didn’t touch the ground

Hard when in the air

Dummy was her parents’ new best friend

Brought silence, to be shared


Bart Simpson kept her company

Twisties fell to floor

She smiled as she turned her head

Inquisition knocked on door


Movement, ever, oh so fast

Tablet entertaining

Attentive of the screen, her own

Made most of time remaining


Silently she cried aloud

As if she was on the screen

The tattooed arm of adulthood

Words needless, hardly seen


Thongs on table

Relaxed in time

Soon to land again


Centrifugal focus

Goes unnoticed

Who was she? Where?

And when?


first posted on https://sensualism.me/2016/06/28/bart-simpson-and-the-little-girl/

Published by Owen Tilley