Baseball season is now upon us.  I’m not sure what most people see in this.  Do they actually enjoy baseball that much, or is it the fact that baseball means winter is officially done?  Either way, many people anxiously await this event.  I remember the Jays very first game, April 7, 1977, played in the snow.  That didn’t matter, the stadium was packed and people lined up for tickets.  I also remember 1992 and 1993, the years they won the World Series.  People lined up for tickets the whole year.  One of those years they set a record for the most people to attend games for an entire season, over three million.

    It’s not just baseball.  Many people line up for hours to get a ticket for many sporting events.  World tours for entertainers sell out hours after tickets go on sale.  Sometime people camp out for days to ensure getting a good ticket.

    We spend all this time for things that really have no eternal relevance, yet many find it hard to give God an hour on Sunday morning.  Very few are able to devote a lifetime to Him, but that is what He wants.  He doesn’t want us to separate ourselves from the world, He wants us to live in this world and let our light shine for Him every minute of every day, not just for an hour Sunday morning.

Published by Ray Richards