A well-maintained air conditioner runs smoothly, uses less energy and works more efficiently. Maintenance ensures you stay cool all summer without having emergency breakdowns. Not cleaning up the air conditioner regularly can result in reduced cooling capacity damaging the whole air conditioner. 

Air conditioning service is thus recommended, on a regular basis, so that you can avoid emergency breakdowns and save money on costly repairs. To avoid calling a repair technician, you can maintain your air conditioning yourself by following these air conditioning service tips:

  1. Clean the air filter: One of the most important tasks for the maintenance of AC is to clean or replace the air filter. It should be done every month during the summers. Dirty air filters obstruct the normal air flow, which forces your system to work harder and results in its early breakdown.
  2. Check the wiring: Make sure that you always switch off the power unit before working on your air conditioner. It is the safest way to prevent injury. Check if there are signs of overheating like melted, blackened or burned wires. Make sure that the electrical connections are tight. This ensures no electrical emergencies are brought upon, by chance.
  3. Cleaning conditioner coils: The evaporator and condenser coil collect dirt over time. It should be checked and cleaned regularly. The dirt in the coils reduces the airflow and insulates the coil, reducing its ability to absorb heat. This, in turn, affects the room cooling process and consumes far more electricity. Clean coils will help the AC work efficiently and help you keep your electricity bills to a minimum.
  4. Clean and fix the coil fins: Fins are made of aluminum and are located on the condenser and evaporator coils. Fins get clogged with dirt and debris which should be cleaned. They are very delicate and get easily bent blocking the air flow. They should be straightened by a tool called ‘fin comb’ to get them back into their original form.
  5. Do not miss an AC service: Air conditioning service is necessary once in a while. The entire system should be checked by hiring a well-trained professional to see if the AC is working properly or not. Make sure he undertakes a thorough check-up of all the AC parts.

Air Conditioning Service has a lot of benefits too. Here is a couple of them: 

  • It Saves Energy: Your technician checks, tests and adjusts your air conditioner and makes sure that it is not wasting any amount of energy. It helps your AC to work efficiently and save your electricity bills.
  • Extend the life of your AC: Regular air conditioning service can add years to the life of your AC. It keeps you away from stress and helps in the long run.
  • Increase comfort levels: Your technician will affirm that the air conditioner is working smoothly and should make sure that the cool and conditioned air is distributed everywhere in your room. The room will cool fast providing you with quick comfort.
  • Avoiding sudden repairs: If your air conditioner has a sudden breakdown during summers for continuous usage, it will surely take 2-3 days to get repaired, which would be quite frustrating. This can be prevented by regular air conditioning service. You can avoid sudden breakdowns during the days you need an air conditioner the most.

So, your air conditioner should be inspected, cleaned, and serviced from time to time, no matter what kind of AC you have. Make sure that your air conditioner is checked in the spring so that it will not create problems during summers. A bit of neglect can make your summers uncomfortable, bothersome and cost you more money. Avoid the same by getting timely air conditioning service. 

Published by Kate Westall