Most of the people always get into the dilemma of confusion while buying the best scope for their AR15 rifle. The AR15 rifle is one of the most preferred rifles for shooting and hunting purpose. While buying the scopes for your rifle, you surf the internet and scroll to multiple websites. But being a newbie in the market of machinery, you always find yourself confused with the different terminologies about the scopes.

If you are all set to buy a best-featured scope for your AR15, you should read the detailed reviews and expert recommendations at TheGunZone. However, during the phase of search out, you must have the basic knowledge of the common terminologies related to the scopes.

So, here is the list of some common terms related to scopes that you must know.

 In simple terms, the reticule is defined as the collection of dots and lines that develop a grid on the scopes. The grid appears over the target with a look through the scope. The scopes are generally provided in three different colors, i.e. red, green and amber. In these reticules, the red color is considered to be the most accurate and hence is recommended for battles.

 The resolution is a common terminology that defined the sharpness of the image. It’s important to check this feature while buying the scope as the higher resolution will offer you clear and sharp image visibility through the scope. Many low-quality scopes claim to offer you high resolution, but due to low glass quality, the image sharpness scatters at high-resolution setting.

 The magnification of scope refers to the rate at which the image will be seen closed as compared to the actual distance. The magnification is indicated with “X” that shows that the image in the scope is X times closer than its actual distance. It’s also an important factor while buying the best scope for your rifle.

Field of View (FOV):
 As the name signifies, the Field of View is a visible part of the scope. The design of every scope is hence build to offer maximum viewing area to the shooter. But once you start magnifying the scope, the Field of View starts to decrease and hence a very small area is visible. So, it’s important to check whether you want to have good FOV or a scope with high magnification.

 You will find a new terminology of optics on the specification chart of the scope. The optics is simply the coating applying on the lenses. There are three types of optics available i.e. fully coated, multi-coated and coated. The coated optics will have single lens coating, fully coated optics will have all coated lens and multi-coated optics will have multiple lens coating(not all).

Now, once you recall these terms in your mind, you will no more require staying confused whenever someone starts to mention some confused abbreviations and terms related to scopes. The above-given knowledge will also be helpful for you while buying the best scope for your rifle.

Published by Mudassar Ali