I talked in my previous blog about 'being 100%  secure online' and i told you how impossible is it ,here is what I promised to write about “another blog that will help you out with securing yourself online with very simple and basic steps”,So let’s get started with our most effective ways out there .

0 : buy software , don’t get cracked copies.
This part is the very low level ,super basic, that no one do , I mean no one want to pay hundreds of dollars every single year for the software that is running on his home PC!,but I wanted to told you guys that its really dangerous , especially when u use 3rd party patches.

1 : keep up with your system updates and patches .
An unpatched system is the easiest target for any attacker , even a script kiddy can brake ot your system and  play around.

2: update you apps / programs.
A lot of apps 0-day exploits are getting patched in the same day and if you didn’t keep up with them it won’t be their problem when you get hacked .

3 : install an antivirus\antimalware software.
Security solutions aren’t bad ,they do their job very well actually , but its not enough to rely on a security solution and click on phishing links , or not update your system \ apps .

4 : don’t click on e-mail links.
I honestly do it a lot , and my laptop is always infected , but its fine when you’re formatting it every two weeks or so , but if you keep the same system for like 3 years then don’t click on any e-mail link if you don’t really know the source and trust it .

5 : don’t trust any one.
No one will tell you the truth while he’s trying to hack in to your machine , just don’t believe ads especially which talk about 
*free money*, *latest Iphone for one dollar*,*if you’re an ailen e-mail me bk*

I tried to make it as simple as I could , tried to not use more advanced concepts , and the next blog will be your “geekness dictionary” , keep up with the news 

Published by Rami Al-Taei