Hey everyone,

I wanted to share some ideas to spice up your room a bit to make it look interesting because let's be real, plain walls are boring[duh!!]. All these ideas are super cheap and take minutes but make hell of a difference. [i got excited there :p]

  • Pillows: I love throw pillows. I think they can jazz up any boring sitting place  in just seconds. There are insane variety and colours out in the market according to occasions or how you want your room to be to suit one's type.


  • Fairy Lights: These lights have my heart. I think they give the room a tumblry look and look super cute.


Speaking of lighting,

  • Candles: I feel like candles take me in relaxation mode and calm my mind. They give a romantic feeling[who doesn't like romantic feeling lol :p] and also scented candles smell heavenly. ♥


  • Photos: To make your room look like ours (and let everyone know that its 'my room')  you gotta hang pictures in your room to personalise.


  • Teddy: Okay so this one is completely optional and for girly girls our there! but if i were to be completely honest i kinda like 'em (personal story- i used to sleep with one till i was like 12, don't judge me please :p)


  • Dream catchers: They are so-so cute and give a bohemian vibe which i honestly adore. They look fab and don't cost much. You can easily make one too :D


Thanks for reading! :) 

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