The season of the National Basketball Association confidently gained momentum, and it is already clear that we will have an interesting and tense struggle for the title. You can always find the latest news from the floor at the website of sports statistics.

In the current season, the main feature of the NBA standings is its high density. Each Conference has a couple of leaders and outsiders, but otherwise the level of the participants is quite high and approximately equal. Thanks to this, we can safely say that we are in for a tense struggle to reach the playoffs.

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Main Contenders for Title

When it comes to the fight for the title, first of all, it is necessary to mention the Golden State. Last year, the team won the rings confidently and now, it seems, is not going to slow down. However, its competitors are also in excellent form, we are talking primarily about Portland.

The main feature of the NBA is an extremely busy season, which can rarely be seen in any other league of the world. This attracts the attention of a huge number of fans, and even the best teams are not able to go through at least a third of it without losing points. Therefore, it is safe to say that the competitors of the Warriors will definitely have their chances. The main thing is to be able to use them.

It is also worth remembering that now the Golden State does not have such an extreme motivation in terms of the fight for the title, which is why the team may not do its best in each individual game. However, so far it does not look like am obstacle for the conquest of the next champion title, although even during the regular championship there can be many surprises, let alone the play-off stage.

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Published by Charlesa Gibson