On top of all the churches, beaches, lighthouses and hills that we went to, there are other sights to see in this small island. Surprising eh? Ah…I just feel that there’s so much to see here. And we’ve only traversed those well-visited spots.😉

On the day of our arrival, we decided to rest for a bit. Once we regained our energy, we then started our half-day tour of North Batan. We did a do-it-your-own itinerary for this. Hiring a tricycyle, we soon found out that they already have set itineraries similar to ours. Lucky us! They’re probably used to tourists going to the area and requesting for a tour that they made an itinerary. At a set price of PhP1,000.00 (good for two persons in one tricycle), we set out on our North Batan Tour.

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