My dad drove my sister and I to Batangas. It was a long ride. We had to eat lunch by Jollibee first because we were all so hungry. Next, we passed by Tagaytay.

The traffic was the same. We arrived in Batangas around 4:00 pm. We watched a few videos from London before going to Kim’s house, my cousin. His house it quite near. We can walk it but it was slowly getting dark so my dad had to bring Ate Mitch, Kuya Jay and I there.

Kim, Faith, Francine and Cheska were there (cousins). We watched some videos for a while and went out when the sun was going down to take pictures.

Here is a picture of a tossed basketball by Kim. He wanted to experiment if I can take the picture clearly. 

Kuya Jay Jay can be seen standing ubder the cotton candy clouds. 

We went to my Aunt’s house if we can challenge ourselves to take photos of their roosters but it was too hard. 

A picture of a yellow flower (yellow bell?)

I tried taking a picture of Kim’s basketball hoop from this angle but it didn’t turn out nice.The skies were filled with a cotton candy color.

It was a wonderful day.

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