So I’ve decided to do a little post about some of my bathroom must-haves. These are the products that I have to refill regularly and consistently. Here is what I think everyone (or at least I) should keep in the bathroom at all times!

Vanity lights!


I cannot tell you how much of a difference these make! They don’t have to look exactly like the picture shown below, but you can get them in all different shapes, sizes, and designs to decorate around your bathroom mirror to provide literally the best lighting to do your hair and makeup in. These are most definitely a game changer.
If your electrical setup in your bathroom doesn’t allow for vanity lights to be installed, I would recommend setting up a standing or wall magnifying mirror with a vanity light built in to it. You can get these at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.


Jewelry Dish


I like to keep one or two of these on my bathroom counter for when I get home and I just want to hurry up and rip my lashes and jewelry off so I can wash my face, brush my teeth, and hop straight in bed. They are the perfect little holders so you don’t accidentally drop an earring down the sink drain after knocking it off the counter with your elbow while washing your face, or mistakenly blowing a lash onto the floor or into the trash can while brushing your teeth and never being able to find it again!



Makeup Organizer


I absolutely loooove these things! I buy them all the time and switch mine out. They come in a variety of sizes, designs, shapes, and prices. There are some super heavy-duty/fancy ones that can cost up to $400-$500, and some you can find at Ross or Target for under $10-$15. They’re fun and they completely change the look of your bathroom, instantly cleaning it up and clearing out space by consolidating all your brushes and cosmetics! It’s also a great way to be able to find each product you need when you’re in a hurry; if everything is in it’s place!





Depending on how much counter space you have in your bathroom, you can either get really creative with your candles/decor, or keep it super simple. I have very limited counter space, so I can only fit about one candle in without it being overcrowded.




I like to keep a clear glass container full of pretty (and amazing smelling) potpourri behind/on top of my toilet. You can get as creative with this as you’d like! I find my favorite containers and cheap potpourri at IKEA😉



Now that we’ve covered the decor essentials of my bathroom AKA safehaven, I will do a short list of skincare essentials that I keep at all times as well!

  1. Body lotion – currently loving Archipelago’s “Morning Mint”, or St. Ive’s for a cheaper alternative.
  2. Face mask – currently loving Unani’s Dermo Defense Mask.
  3. Face lotion – currently loving Cetaphil’s Moisturizer for face and body; great for sensitive skin!
  4. Face oil – currently loving Biossance’s Nourishing face oil, and admittingly have been using it in place of a moisturizer after I wash my face!
  5. Exfoliator – currently loving St. Ive’s Green Tea Blackhead Scrub; nice and gentle for sensitive skin, and helps to calm redness and irritation.
  6. Body Scrub – currently loving Tree Hut’s Shea Sugar Scrub, found at Ulta and smells amazing!
  7. Makeup Removing Wipes – currently loving Burt’s Bees Cucumber Wipes.
  8. Sunscreen/tanning oil or lotion – banana boat is always a safe pick!
  9. Perfume – currently loving two that I can’t decide between; Aqua de Gioa & Versace’s Bright Crystal.
  10. Oatmeal Soap – found only at Trader Joes!
  11. Eyedrops – any brand works.


What do you guys like to keep in your bathroom? What are your must-haves?

XO, Nani❤

Published by Nani Dominguez