Bathroom renovation is one of the most expensive house projects you can take on, but it is also among those that bring the most significant return on investment. Furthermore, it is full of traps and risks threatening to suck more money out of your pocket. The most important goal is to find the perfect harmony between functionality and aesthetics. If you are about to remodel your bathroom, here are some tips and tricks that will get you through this project safely.

Start with a good plan

Sure, you can rush into the remodeling and figure things out as you go, but this will definitely lead to some mistakes and changes along the way, as well as unforeseen costs. To form a solid plan, you will need to know your budget. Then you need to establish a list of priorities. New tiles might be mandatory, but maybe you don’t need a new bathtub. If you have money to spare when you are finished with the most important thing, you can get one.

Solve functionality issues

Functionality is vital when it comes to bathrooms. Analyze your biggest issues that can include everything from dated pipework to a single-sink vanity in a large family home. Address them first, because they can be the largest investments you’ll make.

Think about green features

The bathroom is the biggest water spender in the house. Save money and contribute to the preservation of resources by investing in a low-flush toilet and low-flow shower head. Furthermore, you can opt for an energy-efficient water heater and lighting.

Decide on the style

Having one design style to inspire all your bathroom works can be helpful because it will help you remain focused and make the right choices when it comes to tile design, bathtub style, vanity material, mirrors, etc. Remember that small bathrooms are fertile ground for minimalism, while large rooms allow more lavish décor.

Hire the right people

Bathroom renos include a bunch of different tasks, and it is nearly impossible to find one guy to do all the work. Try to find a contractor that has workers that are experts in plumbing, tiling, countertops, and the like. If you can’t, it is better to spend days researching different contractors.

Think outside the box

White tiling, white grout, white porcelain bathtub… Sounds boring, right? There is no uniform mold used for bathroom decoration, and you can feel free to take risks. For example, one trend that is going strong in Australia is getting creative with grout. That’s why tinted tile sealing in Sydney is so popular. Other things to think about are a feature wall (art gallery or wallpaper), using wood and stone in décor, and designing a seating area.

Keep up with the trends

While aiming for timeless design is a smart call, you shouldn’t neglect things that are huge in interior design world right now. Here are some of the noteworthy novelties that will mark 2018:

  • Matte black fixtures

  • Statement wallpaper

  • Polished sculptural fixtures

  • Lush floor-to-ceiling drapes

  • Mixed tiles

  • Freestanding furniture

  • Mid-century modern style

  • Petite cocktail tables for candles, a glass of wine, and other essentials.

Remodel with the future in mind

As mentioned in the intro, bathroom renovations can really drain your budget, and that’s why they’re not something you do often. Make sure you protect your walls from humidity with tiles or oil-based paint coat. Avoid colored tubs and toilets, because they tend to look dated in a couple of years. While there are some things you can save on by getting more budget-friendly options, you shouldn’t always opt for the cheapest material or item, because it can cost you far more in the future to replace or fix it.

Follow these tips, and your instinct in your bathroom remodel and you won’t have problems with overspending or making the wrong choice.


Published by Emma Lawson