The other day I was helping a neighbour catch some bats that had found a way into his house.  Those little guys can hide almost anywhere.  We found one behind a picture, one in the folds of the curtains and one squeezed between the venetian blinds.  One was even right out in the open, clinging to the wall and hanging there by holding on to the wallpaper.  As pesky as they are, and difficult to catch, they are amazing little animals.

    They have that amazing ability to ‘see’ in the dark.  By using echolocation they are able to know what is in front of them, no matter how small or difficult it would be to see with the naked eye.

    We, as humans, are unable to see in the dark, both in the physical realm and the spiritual realm.  We are told in Luke 1:79 that one of the reasons Christ came into this world was “To give light to them that sit in darkness.” (KJV)  When we find ourselves in spiritual darkness it is often difficult to find the right path or even have any sense of security.  If you feel this way, turn to Jesus and allow Him to be that light to shine in your darkness.

Published by Ray Richards