Would you love a warm cosy room as the chilly weather sets in? If yes, then have a look at the various types of boilers. Now, it is completely your decision which one you would like for your property.

The two major types of boilers that have taken over the market are the electric boilers and the gas boilers. The best part is that these are readily available in many stores, offline and online, around you. All you need to do is find a good and reliable store for your very own boiler.

Electric boilers and the gas boilers are two of the most popular boilers, but which type is the better?


Gas boilers usually rely on the burning gas to generate heat. So, as the water passes over the heated elements, it gets heated. As the water gets heated up as needed, the water is pumped to the part of the property as and when required. On the other hand, electric boilers rely completely on the electric supply which heats the internal elements of the boilers.


Here are some of the points that will help you decide:

·        Enhanced Efficiency:

In a traditional gas boiler, a chute is present through which the steam is let out. This kind of outlet reduces the efficiency of the machine, as the heat is released.

In case of electric boiler, there is no such outlet or chute; this has a major positive impact on the overall efficiency of the machine. Thus, electric boilers run at around 99.9% efficiency.

·        Runs in different Kinds of Property:

Many properties do not have a gas pipeline and thus, these properties do not have an active gas supply. For such properties, gas boilers cannot be an option. To install a gas boiler, you will have to get the gas supply.

On the other hand, an electric boiler just needs electricity, so if you plan on installing a boiler, then there must be people within the property. This ensures that your property has electricity. So, electric boilers can be installed in the majority of properties.

·        Cost-Effective Option:

Suppose you do not have a gas supply and want to buy a gas boiler, so you will first need to get a gas line, which itself is quite expensive. The installation process is also complex and costs more, because of the presence of flues and chimneys for waste emission.

In case of an Electric boiler, the cost of installations is much less because your property must have an electric line, the source of power for such boilers and the boiler does not have any flues and chimneys. These factors reduce the cost of installation considerably.

·        Space Efficient:

In a gas boiler, the flue or chimney takes up a lot of space. If your property is not that big then there are chances that a gas boiler is not fit for your property.

Electric boilers have a compact design, making it easy to install in any space.  These boilers do not have to be installed close to an outside wall and moreover, these do not have an additional fuel tank. All of these factors make it much more space efficient.

·        Easy to Maintain:

Gas Boilers need regular maintenance if you want it to be up and running, but an electric boiler is like any other electrical appliance.

As long as the electric boiler is running properly, no maintenance service is needed. For a gas boiler maintenance service is needed to keep the boiler up and running.


While traditional gas boilers have benefits of their own, you cannot overlook the advantages that an electric boiler possesses over them. The secret to the benefits of a boiler running on electricity lies in the working method of an electric boiler. So, if you want an energy efficient boiler with low maintenance costs, then electric boilers are definitely the better alternative.

Published by Sarah Williams