For's been hanging over me like a dead fish. My friend Erik had been insistent that I try the chicken sandwich from Portillo's.

Erik: "Did you try the Portillo's Chicken Sandwich?"

Erik: "You have to try the Portillo's Chicken Sandwich!"

Erik: "Don't forget the Portillo's Chicken Sandwich!"

The Chicken Sandwich.

The Chicken Sandwich.

The Chicken Sandwich.

The Chicken Sandwich.

Me: "But I only eat Chik-Fil-A. It's the only real chicken sandwich for me."

Erik: "You have to try Portillo's."

So I went to Portillo's and got a chicken sandwich.

Tasty but...I gave the rest to my mom. ©2016 photoschmoto

Erik: "No that's not it. The Portillo's Breaded Chicken Sandwich. With cheese."

Me: "&#%$ [cough, cough] Ok, ok."

Back to Portillo's I went, dragging my feet. Ok I was in the drive-thru, waiting in a long line. I felt this was turning into some kind of mission. I had to prove Erik wrong in some way. Dethroning the Chik-Fil-A from my taste buds? Nah, how dare you!

Voila! The Portillo's Breaded Chicken Sandwich. With cheese. ©2016 photoschmoto

I opened the box. It looked great. Not like the grilled one. (Although to be fair, that came from the Barnelli's side.) This was packing fresh iceberg, sliced tomatoes, mayo, and that fluffy cornmeal-top bun. They gave me choices for cheese too: American, Provolone, or Cheddar. I choose Cheddar which appeared to be shredded but it melted into the breaded chicken and at this point, it did not matter as I was ready to eat.

So before we get into the eating part, it's really all about the chicken, right? A great chicken sandwich isn't great if the chicken is lousy. Secondly, a great chicken sandwich can be easily ruined by adding certain sauces, these can compete with the chicken. Case in point: this chicken sandwich from Shake Shack. The sauce, the pickles,... what were they thinking?

Shake Shack Chicken Sandwich: Meh...Just get the burger next time. ©2016 photoschmoto

Ah, where was I? Ah yes...the chicken must be supreme in a chicken sandwich. Supreme! Ok, now that I've established my requirements for a great chicken sandwich, here we go. "CHOMP!" [eyes widening...]

Get ready for the big CHOMP. ©2016 photoschmoto

Oh my...this is REALLY GOOD. This is not only really good, it's a GREAT chicken sandwich. Hell yea! One you could be proud to order even though the rest of your friends are ordering Italian Beefs and Bacon Cheeseburgers all while smirking at your order of the Portillo's Breaded Chicken Sandwich. Little do they know! But now you know.

This is an awesome chicken sandwich. The chicken was perfect. Everything else just came together. I highly recommend it.

Now the question is, has it dethroned Chik-Fil-A from my heart? Um, no. I think it's right there at 2nd place. I admit that the chicken from Chik-Fil-A has a certain something and paired with that dang ambrosia sauce called "Honey BBQ" (which you have to beg for extra packets at the register, who's done that? Come on confess!) and a cup of their fresh lemonade...well it just tickles my tummy. A yummy kind of tickling.

Food Porn Bonus: Cheese Fries! ©2016 photoschmoto

But now I will have no regret or shame in ordering the Portillo's Breaded Chicken Sandwich. With cheese. And neither should you.


Published by Anna Aaron