Few years back, there was a popular TV series called ‘Beyblade’ and kids began their Saturdays being glued to this series. They didn’t want to miss even a single minute of this show. The name ‘Beyblade’ was given to a line of spinning top toys which originated in Japan. Beyblades come with in-built sound and light and they spin at extremely high speeds. Kids engage themselves in beyblade battles where these top toys are launched from a raised platform into a space and the beyblade that spins the longest wins. Today’s kids are too serious about beyblade games and they’ve categorized them into several breeds to compete with their friends in the battlefield. 

Each match with beyblades is played within a Beyblade stadium and each player has to use up to 3 various Beyblades per match. There can be as many interchangeable parts for a beyblade as is allowed and the person who scores 7 points win the match. Read on to know more on Beyblade games
Types of beyblades – Know your options

#1: Stamina/Endurance

The Endurance or Stamina Beyblades are designed in such a way that they outshine their rivals in the stadium. Nevertheless, though they lack in power, their stamina compensates for it and hence proves to be of utmost benefit against defense beyblades. 

#2: Striker

These are certainly the beyblades which you wish to have on an offense. By the name, it is pretty obvious that they are used to attack other Beyblades. Just after a few hits, they can prove to be extremely effective against the Stamina beyblades. 

#3: Defender

These beyblades are designed to avert all sorts of enemy attacks. They launch slower than the attack beyblades but they are good enough to fight against battles with all beyblades apart from the stamina ones. 

#4: Balance/combination

As the name suggests, combination beyblades possess a bit of everything that the other 3 types have, the defense, attack and stamina. Due to their multipurpose, they are best for endurance battles. 

Win your next Beyblade championship – Few tips

With each beyblade top that you buy, there comes a reading material that should be read carefully. The instructions that are given often demonstrate the tops in battles and hence they offer you tips and tricks on the types of attacks, the best launch angles that will work for that particular beyblade. When you know all this, you will be an edge above others. 

Let your competitor launch his beyblade and you should then launch yours. This is only when you’ll stand a good chance of knocking down the top of your opponent off the air or you can also stop them entirely from spinning. 

Pay a close look to how your opponent plays. If you’re playing against a new opponent or you’re new to the game, focus on how he plays the game. Pay attention to the types of beyblades he uses in the match so that you may be able to counter his attack. 

Watch how your challenger spins his beyblade. If he is the first one to go, you can check out the angle that he uses to launch his beyblade. Likewise, you can launch accordingly to give in the best possible attack. Make sure you plan your defense, attack or stamina strategy beforehand. That will teach you some of the best ways of scoring points. 

Safety tips based on common sense that you should follow while playing beyblades

When you handle moving beyblades, be cautious as you wouldn’t want to hurt others who are playing the game. 

Don’t fire beyblades towards people, animals, TVs or other toys as you can hurt them seriously.

Make sure you launch them only in a beyblade stadium as they might break if you launch them on floors or on tables or on granite countertops. 

Beyblade stadiums are usually made of plastic and hence they’re vulnerable to damage and breaking when they’re over-used. In case you’re a frequent player, you should invest in a few stadiums and also take out time to apply tape on top of scratches and cracks which are there on the most frequently used game stadiums. 

Don’t ever launch the beyblades from too high an angle or launch them on tough surfaces like driveways, concrete or sidewalks. The base tip of the beyblade can get damaged this way and in turn hurt the performance of the beyblade in future games. 

There are multiple types of beyblades and stadiums and other accessories available in toy stores, online retailers and hobby stores. So, rather than waiting further, you should go and get your child his favorite beyblade so that he too can participate in games and battles with his peers and friends. 


Published by Christina Woodard