"Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons"

Often in the society, we are somewhat forced to "fit in the crowd". Whether it's at school, at work, or even in your family, there always seems to be a norm. If you are not the norm, then you are considered weird. This is especially a big thing when you are at a younger age, you always want to fit in the crowd... and slowly, you will develop a habit of changing who you really are, losing yourself to the world, just so that you could fit in with the rest of the world.

BUT! Who says there's only one norm? Who says there's only one way to do things? Who on Earth have the rights to actually tell us what to do and what not to? (Okay... we are not talking about illegal things that are gonna get you in jail) What I want to say is, instead of following the crowd, you should be yourself, have confident in who you really are, and be proud about it.

Just like a flamingo - stand up tall, be cool, be clam and be collected!
Don't give in to what the world say, but be unique and be who you are!

"Don't change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you"


Published by Katie Ka.leidoscope