Regardless of what you do for a living, there is always someone who would like to learn how to do it (or something similar - gotta love those crossover skills).  And no matter how busy you are, you should be on the lookout for these people.  And if you can (and I know you are very busy) - squeeze in the time to help them.

Mentoring is one of those things that has obvious advantages to the one being mentored. They benefit from your practical experience, from deconstructing your mistakes (if you share them and I do), and from having the perspective of someone who is actually doing "it".

But we, as mentors, get a lot out of this exercise too!

I find that it helps me clear my mind and focus; mentoring allows me to stop and look at the steps I have taken to accomplish certain goals and really analyze what I would do better or differently "the next time".  

It helps me to see that I have actually accomplished a lot. Because when you are forward thinking you only see what is yet to be done and loose that sense of how much work you have completed.  

It also helps me see where I may have "left money on the table" because I didn't recognize an opportunity when it presented itself. 

Mentoring also helps me to plan my own business' next steps and to adjust my 5-year plan. It forces me to look at what has changed in my business since my last review of the 5-year plan and discard the things that are no longer relevant or profitable.

And it helps me to build solid relationships with others in or nearly in my business focus.  Which gives me a pool of folks that I can refer business to, or who can refer business to me - or I can tap for assistance during those "feast" moments when I have too much business and too little me.  And perhaps, down the road, someone I might sell my book of business to when I am ready to move on to something else. 

Knowledge is one of those things that you can share and giveaway and still have. :-) Mentor someone today!

Published by Natalia Corres