Profiles in Courage

is the title of a book authored by the late JFK focusing on eight senators who had shown great courage under pressure from both their political parties but also their constituents. JFK focused on men in his time we are given God’s inspirational profiles of men and women which teach us how to be courageous when the crowd seeks to undermine and sway us from our convictions.

Follow the lives of two men who faced not only the pressure of the moment but 40 yrs of pressure to relent and join the grumbling Israelites. Through these two men we find the answers of how to face momentary pressure and mounting pressure to not remain steadfast to the Lord.  We grumble and complain about our trials which are minuscule compared to Joshua and Caleb. We ask God why but fail to ask how.

The “how” is this; we must get our minds ready for action, set our hope completely on the grace that will be brought to us, not comply with the evil urges that shout in our ears and live out the time we have before us in reverence. Joshua and Caleb faced the trial of remaining faithful for 40 yrs of wandering with their grumbling Israelite brothers and sisters.   Can we do less?


Published by Gaye Austin