Do you notice that children smiles so often?

Do you notice that children can smile for no reason?

It’s so great to see their happy faces and you are smiling with them.

Do you notice that children can cry this moment and they can also laugh in next moment?

They are totally forget why are they crying.

They don’t keep grudges and also revenge.

Do you notice that children are not worry about failure?

They’ll walk again when they fall down.

They’ll try again when they fail.

Do you notice that children love to ask questions?

They’ll keep asking until they get an answer.

They don’t know what is “ego”.

Do you notice that children is so “Real” and “Pure”, they give honest answer?

When they are sad, they cry, when they are happy, they smile!

They never wear any “Mask”… Not like us when we are growing up,  we love to “ACTING” and occasionally  put up “mask” and gradually lost our freedom to be ourselves.

Be Silence and ask yourself,

“Do you smile often?”

“Are your smile subject to external factor?”

“Can you smile from your heart?”

“Do you keep grudges?”

“Do you remember why are you crying?

“Do you blame others when you fail?

“Do you ask or you just accept whatever people saying?

“Do you love “acting” or you wear different “Mask” or are you “genuine”?

Great to learn from the world of children,  to see from the eyes of children and be like “children”…

We can gain back our smiles, unconditional happiness, peacefulness and undisturbed mind, purity, sincerity, most important the freedom of life…

Ready to try?

May you be like children, be always happy and well!



Published by Hoh Li Jiun