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I'm not a very nice person at all. I'm sometime mean, stubborn and annoying. However, I'm also honest, hardworking and loyal. I'd bet the world would be a better place when there are lots of me around. Why?  I'll tell you now why should be like me.

Most of nice people don't last long in this world where you could be easily trashed by others if you are too nice to let them step on you. I'm not and will never be a nice guy (anymore) because of that reason. I'm just a "good-enough" guy so that there would be another extra good person around to help others instead of another victim of this cruel world.

I'm mean and there is more meanie from me to those who misbehave. You have to know that, I'm not mean all the time. If you think I'm mean to you, it's just because you deserve that. I won't be mean to you if you're a good one and do the right thing. I won't be mean to you if you treat my people well. I won't be mean to you if you aren't mean to me (of course). I'm mean by choice not by nature. I'm mean for a good reason!

Stubbornness is both my bad and good personalities. I don't give up anything easily without a really good fight. Yes, a very good fight indeed. It would drive you crazy when you try to change me, my way or my mind since I'm a kind of conservative one. It also means that I would follow things till the end or when things are completed.

The most annoying thing about me is that I do talk a lot. Sometime I have to admit that I even annoy me. You will hear me bragging about my problems all the time. There would be a non-stop conversation if you accidentally gossip about those I don't like or compliment things I'm interested. By the way, having someone talking all the time around would help you improve your ability to listen and you must be very important to me that i have to talk to you all the time. For your information, my cat steals my tongue each time I find myself uncomfortable.

I'm not good at faking or lying so you could trust me totally. Being honest is rare and luxury these days. I won't hide anything even my feeling to both my nemesis and my allies. It might hurt me if I'm honest all the time but it is guaranteed to make thing simpler.

Who doesn't like hard-working people? I'm not the best one in any field but I'm hard-working enough to get acceptable result. I'm not only hard-working for my own benefit but also for others'.

Finally and the most important thing about me, I'm very loyal. No matter what happens, I will never, ever change. If I like you, there is no way you could make me stop liking you. However, do not make me hate you. I won't betray my hate as well. Once I hate something or someone, I would hate to the very core.

To sum up, I'm not a bad guy and it's enough for the world to have fewer bad people now. The next question is "who are you?". Are you a good one or a bad one? Let look into yourself and tell the world if you could make it a better place by your unique personality!

Published by Tu Nguyen