In Luke chapter 13, from verses 10 to 13 there is an interesting account of Jesus healing a woman who had an infirmity for eighteen years.  In many other accounts of healings people are brought to Him, they call to Him to come and heal them or others bring the ill to Jesus to be healed.  In this account the woman did nothing.  Jesus was in the temple teaching.  He saw her and called for her to be brought to Him and then He simply told her that she was free.  We are then told that He laid hands on her and she was made whole.

    Can healing really be that simple?  The only answer I can come up with is yes.  Just because I do not understand why healing does not happen every time we pray for someone does not mean it is not that simple.  In most incidents of healing by Jesus we are simply told that multitudes came and they were all healed.  Often we make things too complicated.  All I need to know is that Jesus healed every single person, every single time He prayed and that is still true today.

Published by Ray Richards