Recently, as I was browsing laptops at an office store a young salesman approached me. "Man" is actually a bit of a stretch. He looked about twelve years old and was unusually short. I'm not exactly up on all the latest technology. Hell, my cell phone doesn't even have internet and I only use it for emergencies. Are you all recoiling in horror now? :D Let me explain, not that I need to---

Working from home, I spend a lot of time online. When I go out, my preference is to get away from it - not carry it around with me. Plus, I don't see the point of paying a hefty monthly fee for a cell phone that mostly sleeps in my purse or pocket. It's a prepaid one and costs about $100 a year. Good enough! I also still buy CDs and DVDs, because I have the equipment to play them, so why not? It's the "old dog, new tricks" scenario. Back to the salesman---

Computer manufacturers are starting to phase out DVD/CD drives, so I asked if a particular model had one. Smart-ass kid says, "Oh, that's so 10 years ago!" Smirk, smirk. "Why take that extra step when you can stream everything online?" At this point, my patience and good humour were still intact: "Because it's what I'm used to. Some of us still prefer the old way. Could you please give me the model number, for comparison purposes?" He literally rolled his eyes and pointed to the sticker on the computer. "It's right there. Just take a picture of it."

Impertinent little shit! Switching to icy, staccato tone:  It would be quicker for you to write it down, than for me to rummage through my purse, locate the phone, turn it on and take a photo." Looking perplexed, he mumbled, "let me find a pen" (in an office supply store!) and took off down the aisle. I was half expecting him not to come back, but he did, complete with a pre-printed spec sheet. I smiled and said: "See, that wasn't so hard. You should be nice to old people. There are a lot of us and we buy stuff." He looked a little sheepish now. Silly boy! Why alienate a potential buyer?

Rather than having to deal with Mr. Impudence again, I checked out the specs and ordered the laptop online. No commission for him!


Have you ever encountered a rude salesperson?
How did you handle it?

Looking forward to your comments! 

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