I am all about the Universe today!  And it make all of the sense in the world and the Universe to me.  Let me share Tama Kieves’ thought for this day in September.

“Your Muse will not come into a room if you’ve brought in expectations.  She will not enter a room secretly crowded with surveyors, actuaries, accountants, and salesmen.  Believe me, she smells a calculator in the room and will have nothing to do with you.  You have to come alone.  You have to come with curiosity and bare feet.  You may turn your inspiration into profit centers later.  But meanwhile, don’t monetize the butterflies.  You must count inspiration on inspiration’s terms.”

Don’t monetize the butterflies!

That hits home today.  And it does because butterflies, the symbol of transformation, are a huge part of my life.  They flitter and flutter in my mind, in my heart, and in my soul.  They are a part of my logo.  But they are how I receive my inspiration.  And today, I had the need to let the butterflies fly to the Universe to allow a choice to be made.  It was not up to me, it was up to the Universe.  And so, I left it up to the Universe.  I do not yet know the answer, but I am sure in the end that the right decision will be made through the Universe’s actions with two other folks.  As Tama finishes her thought for today, “…I open to inspired ideas without rushing to evaluate them.”  And so it is

Published by Janice Marie