We are all born knowing nothing;

Learning what is taught us;

But as we pick up what already is;

We discover who and what we are;


Self-discovery doesn’t imply disregarding what already exists;

It only reflects what’s inside us;

We learn what is not to just conform to it;

But to find out how we can better it;

With our individual unique abilities;


We learn from the best;

Not to end up being the replica;

But to bring out the best in us;

And be the new standard;


We are all born unique;

With distinct DNA and fingerprints;

We may be categorized into personality types;

And be told what we can do best accordingly;

But nothing stops us from breaking the norm;

And being outstanding from the lot;


Don’t let anyone make you feel;

Like your originality is inferior;

To another’s imitation;

Your uniqueness is divinely intentional;


So learn from the best;

But don’t settle to be the second best;

Strive to be the new best of your time and in your field;

With your unique ability and original ideas.


Strive to be original;

Refined by what you’ve learnt;

And set the pace;

For the new standard.


© Josephine Amoako 2016



Published by Josephine