Have you ever caught yourself saying, "I could NEVER..." and then found yourself doing said thing? Yeah. I am beginning to think life is made up of all of our nevers. Or maybe it's  just my life.

It seems as though every single time I have ever uttered those words it has eventually come to pass. I am not talking about a giggle and, "oh, I couldn't do that." tee hee. No. I mean the I am totally freaking out, I don't know what you are talking about I could NEVER do that kind of never. Know which one I mean? By the way, never could also be disguised with REFUSE. "I refuse to do..."

Here are my list of nevers (which is a super big deal because I am not a never kind of girl):

The first year was too tough, I will never have another child (I have two)

I refuse to ever get divorced (Granted I didn't get divorced, but I separated from hubby for a while)

I could never meditate, it's just not in my nature (I can't live without it)

I could never give up ice cream and cheese not even for my health (Hah!)

I would never live in Atlanta again (here I am)

I could never be vegan (currently not only vegan, but raw vegan)

Yeah, don't be careful what you wish for. Be careful of your nevers. Or, embrace them. The thing is it turns out that all of those nevers are turning or have turned into the best things that have ever happened to me.  They were like a beckon calling me to live my best life. Do I have any other nevers? I can't think of any at this moment, but rest assured that they will be met with, "Oh shit. Here we go again."

Do you have any Never would I Ever stories?

Originally posted at www.myyearofhugs.com

Published by Melinda Schmitt