"Part of love is letting a person be who they want to be." - Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

There are too many instances where people express themselves, or do nothing but be themselves, and are treated as different because of it. This isn't helped by the existence of certain societal standards and expectations that we are all supposed to live up to or be part of. 

For a long time, I hid my sexuality for fear that I would be treated negatively because of it. Plenty of people are disowned, bullied and abused because of their sexuality, so it isn't without conviction that other people might feel reluctant to be themselves. 

What is more natural than who we are and who we were born as? I've known about my feelings for men and women since around the age of seven. Whether I knew what it meant back then is a different story, but the fact is this: it is natural. It is who I am. Nobody thrust it upon me, and nothing in my childhood made me bisexual. I have always been this way. 

It wasn't without struggle. It wasn't without denial. I've questioned it for too long, and now I have accepted it. If my family, my mum, or my friends treated me differently or didn't want to know me anymore because of it, then that would mean they didn't love me completely. 

This quote is spot on. If you love someone, you'll let them be themselves. You'll accept them and love them all the same or even more. If you aren't comfortable with who they are, or you don't like them because of it...then you can't say you love them truly. It might take time for you to come to grips with who someone is, and part of that process is love. If acceptance is where you end up, then you've come to love them for who they are. 

Love is many things, but you can't do anything more for someone that to love them as they are, and for who they are. 

Published by Jade Moore