Some time ago my good friend C attended a work’s do and everyone had a fab time.  She relayed the great day-out to her sister-in-law L when she got home and also mentioned about some of the interesting characters that she came across during the event.  Among the attendees, there was this super-rich guy who owned luxury cars and a yacht, and who happened to be very single.  Without batting an eyelid, L asked, “How ugly is he?”

I burst out laughing when I was told of this exchange.  I laughed at L’s quick response and also saw the humorous side of how usually people perceive the single and unmarried people.  More often than not we are stereotyped as being unattractive, choosy or have some kind of psychological hung-ups among a few other possible reasons when we are single and unattached especially beyond the age of 35. Really, is that how you see us?

Can we be educated, work a great job, lead an amazing and healthy lifestyle, sociable, self-reliant, attractive, happy and yet still be single and unattached in our thirties, forties and beyond?

First of all, people need to change their perspective on how they view the singles. Second, our attitude is instrumental in shaping the reality.  How so?  Well, when we are truly happy and comfortable in our own skin, it helps others to relax in our presence and gives others the opportunity to share our joy of embracing “come what may”.  They will also get to witness that we are more than capable of creating and be our own kind of beautiful!

Published by Evon Foo