Hi guys!

Beach waves are something I always wanted but was pretty clumsy to achieve. Also, I used to think it would take a lot of time that I wasn’t willing to spend on my hair. As it usually turns out it’s quite simple, and trust me, it takes less time then pressing your hair. The secret of beach waves is that, you don’t need perfection, perfection is boring.  You just need messiness which definition is imperfection, so that’s why it’s okay if something isn’t on its place. 

So, how do you make your hair to look like this? Well, you can always use a hair styler, the thing I used, considering my friend did it, even though I tried and failed to convince her that it wouldn’t look good on me. There is also another great way and it is to braid your hair! You won’t do any damage since you don’t need any heat. The best way is to do it when your hair isn’t completely dry after washing and also before going to bed. Also if you have a short hair like me, just curl your upper hair section. That’s how your hair won’t look too big and wide. 

For my photo shoot location I wanted some desert vibes due to Summer, but even though there are grass and trees everywhere, place was empty as deserts are, so I did manage to take most of it. It’s an open road and they have a habit to make you feel free and alive again. No matter what life you’re living. Sometimes you just need to wander a bit and remember, “Not all does who wander are lost.”

Dress http://www.tally-weijl.com/

Boots http://obucametro.rs/

How do you make your beach waves? What you do think about my outfit?

Lots of love, BS



Published by Borka Šaula