Bean Box is a newly opened cafe surrounded by different universities in Manila. The name of this cafe explains why it is called when you entered the venue, "Bean" for coffee beans and "Box" since the seating area are like boxes. It mainly targets students who wants to hangout, eat, study, relax, or just sleep! Yes, you can sleep in their "boxes." 😉 This cafe has a Korean feel in it because of its interior, posters of Korean artists on their windows, and their menu.



The place is strategically placed surrounding universities since college students are really coffee drinkers and always looks for places to hangout. The place is spacious since it can accommodate groups of people however, since they are a lot of customers, the boxes/tables were easily occupied and sometimes you would wait to be seated.



copyright: Bean Box Official Facebook Page


copyright: Bean Box Official Facebook Page


copyright: Bean Box Official Facebook Page

The cafe will let you choose if you want to be seated on their boxes or not. Each table or box can occupy to 4-6 persons with pillows. Besides of being allowed to stay until whenever you like, sleep, eat, and study, customers can also charge their gadgets without any charge! All of the tables/boxes has an electricity socket. 👍


When it comes to their food, it is delicious but pricey compared to other cafes nearby it. Their menu focuses mainly on light meals such as snacks and coffee. So here's their food menu to have an idea about it.

Bean Box Freeze
Vanilla - Php180
Java Chip - Php180
Green Tea - Php180
Caramel - Php180
Vanilla Oreo Coffee - Php180
Chocolate Cookie - Php180
Coffee Jelly - Php180

Non Coffee
Choco Latte - Php150 (Iced) | Php145 (Hot)
Strawberry Latte - Pp160 (Iced)Green Tea Latte - Php155 (Hot)

Espresso - Php80 (Hot)
Americano - Php125 (Iced) | Php115 (Hot)
Cafe Latte - Php 130 (Iced) | Php125 (Hot)Cappucino - Php 130 (Iced) | Php125 (Hot)
Cafe Mocha - Php 145 (Iced) | Php140 (Hot)
Caramel Machiato - Php 160 (Iced) | Php155 (Hot)
Vanilla Latte - Php 160 (Iced) | Php155 (Hot)
Hazelnut Latte - Php 160 (Iced) | Php155 (Hot)
Caramel Latte - Php 160 (Iced) | Php155 (Hot)

Plain - Php160Strawberry - Php180
Blueberry - Php180
Mango - Php180

Real Smoothie
Strawberry - Php150
Blueberry - Php150
Mango - Php150

Walnut Cream Cheese - Php120
Coffee Bun - Php100
Bean Box Sandwich (Ham & Cheese, or Egg & Spam) - Php125

Mango - Php120Oreo Cookie - Php170
Dark Chocolate - Php170
Red Velvet Cake - Php170
Strawberry Fresh Cream - Php140
Blueberry Cheese - Php190
Plain Cheese - Php190

Dao Bing Su (Choco Snowflakes) - Php195
Melon Melon Sinta (Melon Snowflakes) - Php195
Lee Min Go (Mango Snowflakes) - Php195
I Want This Nut U (Mixed Nuts) - Php195

So there's the menu. Their other food such as ramen are not listed on their menu but it is listed on their counter. It is really quite expensive but considering you can stay until whenever you want and can charge your gadgets without any fee, I think it can be reasonable. 👊


We have tried their Seafood Ramen, and their cakes namely: Red Velvet, Mango, and Dark Chocolate. The Seafood Ramen was delicious and costs Php125+. For the cakes, it was good but nothing that special about it.

Bean Box is located at San Sebastian College, Recto Avenue, Manila and is open 24/7. As of now, available transaction is cash only. For more information and pictures of Bean Box, you can visit their Facebook Page.

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Published by Carleen L