images-82Oh lord, I set the title of my drafts the date i wrote them and I just typed 9.26.15! Where is my mind at. Any way, Good Morning and happy Monday! It’s the start of a new week and I’m wishing a safe, successful, unstressful week! I have the pleasure of my week starting off with court, YAY ME! I’m not looking forward to it AT ALL, and truthfully, I don’t want to go. I’m constantly being reminded that if I don’t go, he wins but at this point, I don’t really care.

He may win the court case but he’s lost at life anyways. Life is and has kicked his ass, stomped him the fck out and ain’t nowhere near done, but I am. I have been for a VERY long time now. I’ve considered and have referred to him as my ex for awhile now and not because I’m trying to force myself to get over him, not anymore at least. Now, I’m to the point to where I could care less about anything he says, does, wants or regrets. When I talk to him he’s apologizing trying to reconcile as if his sorry’s mean anything. Before I’d tell him he didn’t have to apologize to me, now I just stop him dead in his tracks because his sorry’s are meaningless. They don’t do anything for me and I don’t want them, never wanted them from to start

That’s sad, I’ve never been so over someone’s shit that I didn’t want an apology. Never expecting an apology, but I usually look to see if someone is mature enough to even acknowledge they were wrong. Acknowledge, apologize and never do it again is what you’re supposed to do, correct? I’m not going to apologize for something if I’m not, especially if I don’t think I’m wrong, and that doesn’t mean you’ll never get an apology from me. Of course, when I’ve acknowledged that I was wrong, I’m woman enough to admit I was wrong. This fool always wanted me apologizing for shit I felt didn’t deserve an apology or didn’t feel I was wrong about, and had the NERVE to get mad he didn’t get a sincere apology. YOU DIDN’T! I went to performing arts school for drama, I can act apologetic, but I’m not fake! If you wanted a fake apology, why want an apology at all? Because that’s what you do?

That’s what’s wrong with people nowadays, everyone’s quick to say sorry thinking that’s images-83going to solve everything, forgetting to ACKNOWLEDGE AND NEVER DO IT AGAIN! What I hate about apologies is they gave no meaning. When the person saying sorry doesn’t know what they’re sorry for, what they did wrong, what they’re sorry for, doesn’t feel they’re wrong or see the damage their actions have done but gets down on their knees and gives you what you feel is a sincere apology, are they really sorry? Nowhere in your apology should there be a BUT! But what? But you’re not sorry? I know, that’s why you’re trying to justify what you did. When you apologize with every intention of doing what you’re doing again, don’t apologize! WHY APOLOGIZE?!

download-59When I hear people say they’re sorry, I think to myself, “YEA YOU ARE.” Actions speak louder than words and I hate people telling me shit. Don’t tell me what you’re going to do, don’t tell me what you want to do. I don’t care what you were going to do, it doesn’t matter. The thought of something doesn’t mean shit when you don’t turn those thoughts into actions. People have more excuses than Trump has stupid shit to say. Men shouldn’t make excuses, they should just do it! POINT BLANK PERIOD. When men have a family or are in a relationship, being that they’re in charge of someone else’s life and expected to guide his family, he should be honest, dependable, able to provide, and NOT SORRY!

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