One should feel that holiday breeze in right about this month. But being a tropical country, that means feeling the heat 365 days of the year. Yep, let’s all blame it to global warming where the heat is just getting unbearable by the minute. Good thing there are icy treats to make us feel happy. And why not this healthy and yummy treat that hails all the way from Singapore! This new ice cream craze just started September of this year that aims to give every Filipino that smile upon first bite of their ice cream. 🙂

I got to enjoy their Premium Nut & Fruits which was just tasty. I liked that it wasn’t cloyingly sweet. It had the right sweetness to it that comes naturally from coconut. It comes with a free Fresh Coconut Water to even cool oneself off after having this yummy and healthy snack/dessert. Ah…I could have this all day and not feel the guilt of those additional pounds! 😀

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Published by The Hungry Employee