Roulette is one of the most popular European gambling games that is mostly played in the land-based casinos. It is not only one of the most popular table game in land-based casinos, but the online version of roulette now attracts a large number of players. In this game, there are eight players that can play at a time. They all are playing against the house which is represented by the croupier also known as the dealer. In roulette, the role of the dealer is to spin the roulette wheel and handles the wagers and payouts.  

At Norwegian online casinos, the Roulette is becoming increasingly popular as they symbolize all the fun of gambling. Most of the people who are playing roulette online are very excited. If you also want to play roulette online and you have a good winning strategy, then this game can be one of the best casino games to help you win big bucks within few minutes. 

Roulette is simply a game of luck that is played at a table which is marked off with mathematical numbers. But there are some strategies which you have to use and increase your chances of winning. Generally, there are no certain ways to make the profit from online roulette, but following a simple set of guidelines. Surely these guidelines should make a very positive effect on your total bankroll. Here’s a list of the best online roulette winning tips for your convenience. 

1. Choose European Roulette Version

As the players are not real to the land-based casinos, players who want to play roulette online have a great advantage of choosing the version of roulette. It is advisable to always play the European roulette version. Because this version gives you the very small house edge of 2.7%, considerably slighter than the American version.

The European version has only one 0 on the wheel that gives you a total of 37 different outcomes. It is also advisable that you should always look for those online casinos who allows playing roulette with either ‘surrender’ or ‘no prison’ rule. This rule gives you the best opportunity to get half of their wager back on even/odd bets when the ball lands 0. Thereby the house edge is reduced even further for these 50/50 gambles.

2. Only choose reputable online casinos

This can be one of the best online roulette winning tips for a new player. Only open an account at the reputable casino website and the one that regularly updates their payout percentage. To find the reputable casino website throughout the web, by checking the feedback of the players on certain casino prior to placing bets with your real money.

3. Use the bonuses to your advantage

Most of the Online Casino Bonuses offer the various welcome bonuses by which you can improve your chances of winning by using the money of your welcome bonuses. You can start playing through the bonus amount which you have achieved by betting on outside positions, as this will give you the best chance of turning the Casino Bonus Codes cash into the real money. 

4. Pick a few numbers on the low side and stake the same amount on ‘High’

Always placing the bet on a few numbers that are present at the low number side i.e., 1 to 18 and stakes the same amount of ‘High’. If the ball lands among the highest numbers, definitely you will win. Your chances of winning have also been increased when the ball lands on one of the numbers in which you place your bet. This strategy gives a great value to your bets.  For more information, please visit!