I was up one day, itching to do something creative...something fun! I wanted to build something! And if you know me- you know once I get an idea i'm going to make sure it gets done!

I have a list of things i "need" to build always handy. ranging from a TV console to sliding barn door. But recently I had started redecorating our guest bedroom. I started by painting the room 'Slate Tile' from Sherwin Williams (which is a beautiful blue/gray color), I added brass curtain rods, and striped white and gray linen curtains. The room was almost finished it was just missing... a headboard.

I didn't want to spend money on this project, I mean I wanted to spend $0

So I did what any girl would do, I went shopping in my garage.

And boy did I get lucky! a bamboo shade and 4 -2x4's later I had the beginnings of an amazing headboard!

Here is my materials list:

  • 1- 61inch wide bamboo shade (Queen headboards are 62inches wide)
  • 4- 2x4's 2 cut to 67inches in Length, 1 cut to 62inches in length, and one cute to 56inches in length.
  • 8- long wood screws (preferably 6inches long unless you have a Kreg Jig use pocket screws instead)
  • 1- Staple gun

Follow these 7 simple steps!

  • Step 1-Place both of the 67inch tall 2x4's parallel to each other 62inches apart, add the 62inch 2x4 to the top of both of the 67inch pieces. (do this on a level ground, it makes it a bit easier)
  • Step 2- Add the last 2x4 , the one measuring 56inches, in between the two 67inch ones. From the top piece measure 38inches down, place the 56inch 2x4 there. You should have created a rectangle, which measures (on the inside) 34inTall x 56in W.
  • Step 3- glue the pieces in place and wait for them to dry.
  • Step 4- Screw 2 screws into each corner of the rectangle you created
  • Step 5- Grab your bamboo blind , and place it on whatever the backside of your headboard will be. (your blind should measure 61 inches in width, and 38inches in length) make sure you have it placed where you want it.
  • Step 6- Staple it down. starting at the corners, make sure to stretch the blink so that it's nice and snug!
  • Step 7- Pick up your headboard and secure it to a metal bed frame/or a wall.

and TaDa! you've created a beautiful headboard!



Published by Zenia Curiel