Her pretty ruins crawled back together to form a magnificent memorial. A crumb of bones transformed into something monumental. To mark her grave, a wreath conceived from her own remains – pink petals of Elysian tissue and flesh strewn together to adorn her cenotaph. A tomb of beautiful wreckage, she wore her brokenness like a badge of honour for it was proof that she had believed.

Believed in the beauty of everything and everyone. She had had faith in the miracles of kindness in a world that offered none. The will to read sincerity into the falsest of vows, she had had the courage to trust the most villainous of hearts. She would greet hate and envy with a smile. In cruelty she managed to find something benign. For she had chosen to see the light, even in the dark. For she had loved! Everything and everyone.

And to have loved was enough for a lifetime of pieces.

Published by Tanya Sood