Disney's latest live action remake has been generating controversy. Not because people are sick of seeing old films basically reconstructed with very few differences to make the remakes worth watching. No, it's been controversial since before it came out in theatres.

Why? Well, do you remember LeFou? The little comic sidekick who sang Gaston's praises and just generally seemed to have a massive thing for him? Well, in this new film they took it from something that was just really obvious to something that was text. LeFou has a crush on Gaston. 

You might be thinking that's not a big deal. It's just slightly more blatant than the animated film, so who cares? well, apparently heavily conservative religious people. The ones who never get invited to proper parties, even those thrown by other religious people, because they aren't any fun. They're absolutely outraged that Disney would change it so that a character who was obviously gay for Gaston is now explicitly gay for Gaston. 

The biggest excuse being that Disney shouldn't be exposing children to "sexual content." Apparently it's okay to have a guy and girl fall in love, dance and snog a bit but when you add a man with a crush on another man, that's where it goes too far. Even though it's objectively the least sexual thing in that list. 

"Oh, but how am I supposed to explain that to my kids?" Easily, actually. Kids aren't stupid. If you tell a kid that sometimes a man loves a man or a woman loves a woman in the way that mum and dad love one another they can understand that. You don't need complex diagrams and a lectern for this. 

Honestly, this isn't something that should be a big deal. Disney has another canonically gay character. If that upsets you, I hate to break it to you but there will be more, guaranteed. Because most people don't care and those who do care are more likely to be happy about it than to being throwing a tantrum. No matter how vocal your tantrum might be.

This guy is still the best canonically gay Disney character, though.Image result for lexington gargoyles

Published by Mischa A