My favorite.

A pitch black night, alone in the woods, trespassing a huge, dark, apparently abandoned castle, would not look such a wise thing to do, but oohhh she is a brave girl and can you really blame her?

I love Belle, she is not helpless waiting for some charming guy, who always happens to be a prince, to save her from distress, actually she is the one doing the saving here.

And the task was quite an impossible mission to start with, since the “prince” with his “charming” personality made her miserable.

It looks like in the past the sweet damsels applying for princess parts in  tales, had a static job description:

  • fall in deep slumber

  • suffer and cry for your horrendous fate

  • be submissive

  • (the most important task) wait for the glorious knight in shining armor

Fortunately a while back, the spell+cliché was finally broken and the princess speaks her mind and takes action accordingly. The green skin tone for instance? Looks beautiful the same.

One last thing:

  • “I love him/her, but… well there are some things that he/she needs to change…” NO
  • “He/she only needs my help, with time he/she will change…” NO
  • “I know that with time, he/she will understand and eventually change…” NO, again.If that’s the case, you better walk away.

People do not change, because we want them to, just because we wait for them to change, you will grow old much faster waiting. They do not change, men and women alike, because we make them see or understand that it’s for the best… However, people change or work hard to, when they see it fit for themselves, when they realize what and how they want to be, because love is a strong emotional gear that helps, but it shouldn’t be merely for love or the loved one, the desire to change should come from the inside for the only (selfish) purpose to become a better person.

Belle did not change The Beast, yeah, yeah, the curse and the spell about finding true love. He wouldn’t have found true love or realized it was love in the first place if he hadn’t changed before even breaking the curse.

Belle showed him that there are choices, she showed him that he could be human and beautiful again by his own choice, not by the laws of nature or magic spells.

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