Well, It’s already September, and summer is over, and life is about to get even busier. For me, the end of summer always brings me excitement, It means fall colours are coming!                                                                                            It’s been an amazing summer, and I discovered some fabulous make up products that I definitely fell in love with, especially the YSL beauty products. Since this is my first beauty post on the blog, I decided to share with you my make up favourites before doing any tutorials or any make up looks . 

Hope you guys will enjoy this. And, oh, I can’t wait to wear boots and dark lipsticks ! 


YSL Beauty : 

-Eyeshadow : Full metal shadow ( Purple )

-Eyeshadow palette : Couture palette 

- Lipstick : Rouge volupté shine (15 Corail Intuitive )

-Dessin des lèvres - Lip liner : 12

-Dessin du regard - eye pencil : 13 


Dior : 

- Blush : Dior Skin Nude tan ( 002 - Sunlight ) 


Giorgio Armani :

-Compact powder : Luminous Silk compact 5

-Matt lip Gloss : Lip Maestro Lip Gloss (500 - Blush) 

-Lipstick : Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick (504 - Flesh )


Lancome : 

-Eyeshadow palette : Colour design 5 pan eyeshadow palette

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