Do you take more pride in your looks than your intelligence? Do you consider one to have more value than the other? Does it even matter?

I heard on the radio today that girls are becoming more and more concerned with their body image, girls as young as 7 are concerned about their image and stated that males are more interested in beauty and looks than their intellect. 

Well what the hell? Don't get me wrong their was a point in my life when I was growing up that I pretended to be dumb, that I didn't enjoy nerdy stuff like learning and education. I snapped out of it pretty quickly though, I hated hiding what really interested me just to impress some boy. No thank you. Yet, I still see girls to this day act dumb in front of males, as if a male won't take interest in her if she knows a thing or two about shit. I think WHY? why would you put yourself down like that? You are genuinely clever!

I pride myself in my intellect, I am not magnificently clever but I enjoy learning, I enjoy reading, I would prefer to spend my money on books and games than on makeup and clothes. This is not to say that I do not take pride in my looks, I think it is massively important to take of yourself, to feel proud of your image, because if you don't look after yourself, it can affect your mental well-being and social interactions due to lack of confidence. 

When I was growing up it was extremely hard for me to be myself, I found it hard to dress the way I wanted, I followed the trends with all the other girls. I wanted to avoid the bullying and the shit that came with being an individual. I quickly learnt that it was destroying my self-esteem trying to keep up with everyone else, constantly over-thinking about what I was wearing, if I was going to be judged. This stuck with me for years and it was very hard for me to overcome. It wasn't to impress the boys it was to impress the girls, stop the bitching and judgement. It is safe to say no matter how hard I tried I failed. 

To think that girls as young as 7 are thinking that men care more about beauty than brains is fucked up. I mean no wonder these girls don't want to go into science and maths and do some ground-breaking work because of this underlying theme of beauty over brains. I think everyone wants to be wanted, needed, loved. So why take the risk and never have any of that?

Society needs to show great, strong, intelligent women who are out there to show these young girls the potential they have and what they can achieve with their lives. Yes you can still be beautiful and have brains but do not value one more than the other, both go hand in hand. If you feel beautiful, you feel confident, you feel you can go are achieve things. If you have no brains and only looks you can only get so far in life. 

It is difficult growing up with these thoughts as you don't ever really think of the bigger picture until you are older. But then surely isn't this something we should be advocating in schools? Inspiring young women to learn and love themselves? Our worth should never be placed on beauty, for either gender.


'It's not my responsibility to be beautiful. I'm not alive for that purpose. My existence is not about how desirable you find me'

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt