What is Beauty?

Is beauty the women on the Billboards who have the perfect skin tone and color? Or is beauty having the perfect shaped eyes, mouth, and being a size 0? No, beauty is what you define it as, what you see pleasing to yourself, and  not everyone else, or the world. But, beauty is not just what is on the outside and what looks like perfection but, beauty is also what is in the inside; someone's personality, their  thought process,  and their heart. Anyone can have a perfect face but, can anyone have that genuine  and loving energy that comes from with in? To have high confidence, that loving spirit towards others, and always seeing the best in people and not their worst.​ beauty are those feelings of awe, amazement, appeal, joy, peace, and happiness. When you see, hear, or feel something,  someone, or yourself,  that is beauty, not only beauty but, your beauty, your beauty that is pleasing to you.

Published by Naturally Gabby