Let’s go travelling, darling. Let’s go places we never knew existed, let’s eat food that we’ve never tasted.  Let’s climb mountains and go camping. Take me on adventures and road trips. Let’s spend the nights in forests and the days on the road. Let’s mark memories on the map and capture them through the lens.  Let’s gaze at the stars and talk about infinity. Let’s walk in the woods and whisper to the trees. Let’s watch sunsets together and take long walks on the beach. Let’s play with sand and build castles. Let’s dream and explore beauty of nature. Let’s stay awake all night just to see the sunrise. Let’s go around the globe and meet new people. Let’s discover cultures and learn new languages.  Let’s dance in the rain and jump in puddles. Let’s go skydiving and paragliding. Let’s surf the waves and boat in the lake. Let’s speak to the moon and shout in the hills. Let’s listen to the silence and echoes in the mountains. Let’s witness the beauty of the planet and learn the vastness of the land.  Let’s shower in the waterfalls and swim in the waters. Let’s sit by the fire and tell stories buried inside. Let’s walk on the streets at night and observe the world while it’s sound asleep. Let’s write tales and sing songs. Let’s wander in a foreign world and get lost. Let’s explore life. Let’s discover art and visit museums.

Let’s learn the lives of people we might never meet again. Let’s watch how the clouds romance with the sky and how the birds make love. Let’s paint those stunning sceneries and hang them on the walls as a reminder of our adventures. Let’s sit at the coffee shop and observe life running around. Let’s break all the rules and forget to act our age.  Let’s peek into history and visit places where our ancestors stepped foot once.  Let’s ride horses and run in the fields.

Let’s lay in the meadows side by side holding hands and talk about our dreams. Let’s learn about civilizations that were once part of this world. Let’s go to every town, every city on the map and leave our trails for those who seek adventures too.

Because darling, adventure is waiting. It is out there. Let’s go get it. Life is happening right there, right now. Let’s go live it. You just need to look up, and there are adventures and memories waiting for you. Sitting here won’t bring you the happiness and joy that life has to offer. You deserve true happiness and it is out there. So let’s forget all the worries and find our paths. So, let’s take a journey together, discover who we really are!

Published by Sumal Jamil