I am a huge fan of Steve Jobs. Even though I am not a user of Apple device, I am a huge fan of  the guy. He is always known to be charismatic and a charmer. Like a magician who hypnotizes with his eyes and lures people into believing anything. He was one of those people who could make you do anything. Stories about him float of how he used to give impossible tasks to achieve. "I want it to run on my jeans." Steve said to the team who designed the first ever mouse. A task which the trackball mouse was not able to achieve, which was prominently used till the early 2000s I guess. Well I had a trackball mouse which did not operate on my jeans till the mid 2000s. Imagine how hard it was to please that guy! He is also well known for his temper. For his energy and enthusiasm. Everything on him was just extreme.

He is also well known for his hunger and desire for solely perfection. Some of the incidences which I read in his biography by Walter Isaacson left me awestruck. Initially he had only a mattress in the house because he had difficulty in finding the "perfectly" designed furniture. Once in an antique shop with his designer, the designer showed him a knife which he found to be of a good design and Jobs said it is not good because he was able to see glue on it. Jobs was in the ICU when he was admitted later into his life and the clip which is placed on the finger to monitor was placed on him, he refused to wear it on the grounds that it was ugly. He started giving designs to the doctor.

He was such an extremist that he either loved a product or hated it. He called a product to be either revolutionary or trash. You were either the best person in the world for him or absolutely the worst. He would either be very calm or absolutely furious. He would either appreciate you or start cursing you. There was no in between for him. And let me shed the light as to why.

The reason is that moderation in this world does not exists. Has it ever been to you that you were asked of an opinion about something? Odds are you replied either of the following:

  • I liked it.
  • I didn't like it.

You'd rarely reply in an extremity. That you hated it or you loved it. It would always be some form of like or it's negative doppelganger. But your such a reply or moderation is not your natural behavior. This moderation within you is a learned skill and not a natural instinct, let me show you how.


Think of a symbol which can speak louder than or deeper than all the philosophy books you have ever read combined. A singular symbol which is so powerful that it speaks louder than a thousand sentences. A singular symbol which tells you the truth of life and if you are able to identify and decipher it you'll never have any issue ever again? The answer is the Yin Yang symbol.


Allow me to enlighten you about this ancient Chinese logo. The Circle is a representative of all the things that exist. The Yin or the black represents the negative and the Yang or the white represents the good. The sphere is the world which has both Yin and Yang/ the bad and the good but the black has a white spot and the white has a black one. These blemishes are not to disfigure but to reveal the secret that the good no matter how good it is has a bad portion and vice versa. This ancient Chinese wisdom is applicable everywhere, including my article.


The Yin Yang has a black and a white but not a grey. There is not a grey which is darker or lighter. There is no existence of a color which can be said to be "in-between". There is no moderation in this world. All that exists is a yes or a no. A love or a hate. A Steve Jobs state. There is no in between.


Our in between comes from the fear and hunger of social acceptance and isolation. When we were kids we either hated or loved something but when we began kindergarten we got the first taste of social acceptance and we got addicted. All of a sudden it was not good to say that you like something or you dislike something. To escape from telling a lie and still be in the accepted circle of society, we got ourselves the "in-between". This article is a wake up call my friends.


It's okay to hate or love something.

You don't need to be in the grey.

Published by Adwitiya Dixit