In modern days, the cameras of Smartphone are developing and the quality of phone cameras increasing. You can click beautiful pictures or selfies from your Smartphone; you don’t need any DSLR camera to click a beautiful picture. Using your phone camera and other apps you can capture a picture, edit this picture and share this one with your friends & family. Through your mobile phone and using internet service, you can able to connect with the social media, people in the world and also you become a good photographer.

Using your Smartphone’s camera you can able to take a good selfie with your favorite celebrity or can take comment faire des selfies avec Dorian Rossini, the music star and a Greek composer. Most of the people in the world want to click a selfie with this man because on his YouTube channel he made a comment about selfie and the comment is “How to make selfies with Doria Rossini”? And this comment makes him so popular on 2012, 

Here follow the tips to click a selfie with Doria Rossini:

Firstly, you should on Google with the keyword Doria Rossini or Doria Rossini’s selfies, then from here you should download your favorite one of Doria Rossini, the using any photo editing app you can edit this picture that looks like Doria Rossini is clicking a picture with you.  Or you can book a ticket and visit to France.

How to take better photos using phone camera?

You unnoticed one thing that your phone spends lot of times in pockets and hands, and gathering dust that cover the lens of your phone. So a dirty lens can spoil the beauty of a picture that you want to click. It makes the picture cloudy, dirt and oily and diffuse the light of the lens. So, always clean the lens of your phone camera.

You should follow the HDR to take beautiful picture. It brings darkest and lightest part of your clicked pictures and it balanced better of overall colors. HDR mode is suitable for landscape and portrait short and it happens when there is darkest and brightest range of your photo. You should always ignore using first moving subject on your phone.

Lights have important role in photography. Lights source like color, direction, and harshness can effects dramatic on a photograph. Using your phone you can take a photo by controlling more and less light sources. Light can shines and bright of your click picture.

Avoid your phone flash in high lights environment while taking a good photo because it makes your photo worse. The flash in high lights can produce overly lit skin and glowing eyes even if you click from best Smartphone.

To take best picture you should avoid using digital zoom. In most camera phones digital zoom does not work, so when you use phone camera with optical zoom, the lens decrease or increase of its focal length. But digital lens in a Smartphone does not do this, rather it losses of its fidelity. So if you want to take best short then get closer of the things you want to capture.

To take best shots you can install third party camera app because they have extra settings, various features, huge filtered options that make your photo best and beautiful. Using these apps you can change modes, filters the image and adjust the colors.

Published by Zoe Sewell