From the moment we are born we are in an endless search for defining the best versions of ourselves. There is no formula that works for every individual to figure out how the personal development journey should look like. Every individual has their own adventure of discovering their best versions. It depends on each different experience, values, and personal heritage. Yet, regardless of the fact that it is a unique and personal experience, there are few ways to help you envision who you are and how you can become better.

Start with defining your goals

The very first step any individual should start with is defining who they wish to be. Every person has different goals and ideas of what would make them happy. There is no surprise that the saying “money cannot bring happiness” is relative. Some would feel fulfilled by having large amounts of money in their bank accounts. Others, on the other hand, would rather achieve happiness by living the life of a nomad. To become the best version of yourself, set your goals and define what would make you happy about yourself and your life.

Teach your brain to think positive

Our minds are in control of everything that we do. Whether we are aware of it or not, our brains have control of all our thoughts, feelings, and values regarding  what we are experiencing on a daily basis. The best version of any person is the happy version of themselves. That is why teaching your mind to think positive and live in the present moment is part of the personal development journey. Allow yourself to forgive the past and stop stressing about the future as you cannot control it. The only moment you can control is the present moment. So, live in the present moment and dedicate every piece of it to discover how your best version would look like.

Knowledge is power

The most powerful tool an individual has to constantly improve themselves is knowledge. A vast body of knowledge is the best way to achieve the best version of yourself. Use all the educational tools you have available. Books, online classes, lecture notes such as wis2552, apps, and real-life experience to develop new academic skills about various subjects.

Embrace newness

There is no other better way to widen your horizons and broaden your mind than by embracing newness. Do not allow yourself to be scared of trying new things. Every new experience that you have can be a great lesson that can help you grow into a better you. Whether you try and fail or succeed, there will surely be a lesson for you to learn out of it.

Find the best version of you

The biggest mistake that brings misery to people is that they compare themselves with others. We wish to look, sing, cook, be funny, achieve the same goals, and become like others that we admire. However, in reality, they might wish to have exactly what you have. No two people are exactly alike. When trying to define the best version of yourself, make sure you have you in your mind instead of other examples.

Published by Cynthia Madison