I wanted to be sunshine; to kiss your lips every morning.

I wanted to be the breeze; to carry your fragrance with me everywhere.

I wanted to be rain; to adore every inch of your skin.

All I wanted to be was the world around you.

But all I became was an invisible blow of wind that messed your hair,

A loud thunderstorm that frightened you,

A dark night that blinded you.

Frightened you with my obsession, blinded you from seeing my love.

So what I will become now is the evening sun, slowly dimming away from your life,

A twinkling star, far from you, couldn’t touch you, but crying to be yours.

What I will become is an endless sea, hoping to meet its shore one day.


Originally posted on my blog: https://unseendreamsblog.wordpress.com/

Published by Jaydeep Bansal