UGH!! So apparently, I have a horrible mouth and i'm so embarrassed because I didn't think it was that bad. I mean I know i could tone it down some but that's just how I speak. My mom and Aunt's call each other B*tches, among other things. On accident, I've called my little sisters and cousin a b*tch but they're fine. It's like a dad calling his son a punk or P~$$y, it's to help form them. Only the strong survive in this dog eat dog world. Y'all don't remember that show? I'm the first girl, First granddaughter, first niece, first child! Being surrounded by boys made me the baby.  All i had to do was say "OOUUCCHHH" or "WHY'D YOU HIT ME" loud enough and you have to go get a switch. OH YEA, I always been feisty, until my little cousin came then my sister!

You can't fuck over my family and expect me not to do anything, HAHAH wth would make you think that? I don't believe in an eye for an eye; It's an eye for your whole head since you're so bad. I fought boys too, so try me! Just Kidding, I said FOUGHT, i think that's passed tense. We stuck together, NOT like bullies, but well yea. Well no, my little sister was the bully, and she didn't come along until 99'. She'd CRY, SCREAM, PASS OUT, doing the most everyday when we pulled up to her Pre-K. She Almost got her teacher Ms Bunny STOMPED OUT, (think we're bad, meet our moms) just to find out she put her in time out. Destiny, my cousin would go over to the Pre-K side, get my sister and bring her to the kindergarten side to help her fight.

I truly believe you can take the girl out the hood but you cant take the hood out the girl. I carry LOUISIANA hot sauce in my purse and it goes on everything. I eat top ramen and chef boyardee faithfully and i'm 21 year old. I don't know why but I don't like peanut butter or my food touching. I love walking barefoot but hate dirty cold floors, AND WEARING SANDALS IN THE JAIL SHOWER OMFG!!! DISGUSTING !!!                                                            

Published by ShylahBoss Lee